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Nico Tree Spirit

My goal is to create a healthy space for anyone to heal on all levels of the human experience.  In my view the Spirit and the Soul are two different entities and it can be a life time of work getting these two on the same frequency and on the same path.  We spend most of our lives thinking we know who we are, but quite the contrary, most of us have no idea who we really are and what we really need.  We do an excellent job fooling ourselves with the illusion. 
Our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies must have synergy in order for us to tap into our Souls knowledge.  We are all born with all the love and wisdom we need to get through this life, but we have just forgotten how to access it due to the standards of happiness and constructs of modern day society, so we end up seeking it from outside of ourselves, looking for the approval of others. We are told what is good, bad, evil, w​rong, right and everything in between.  Once the ego is formed and our structured binary thinking way of life has rooted the on set of stress and worry is a daily normal.  There is a way out and it starts by looking inward and discovering WHO you are, and remembering WHAT you are.  A spirit having a human experience.