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Shamanic Reiki Master

I'm trained in a non- traditional form of Reiki  by Cheryl Phillips -- with my lineage originating  from Master Usui. I also incorporate the use of shamanic healing techniques such as: healing spirit guides, drumming, rattles and chanting.

  My style of Reiki is not for everyone.

Energy work is done on a soul level and creates lasting changes for those who are willing to do the work.
Call 619 865 9552 or 619 713 6234 to make an appointment

$85 a session (usually about an hour)

Reiki Training ​​

I have developed a 5 session class to get you from level I and II.

 If you've already received an attunement through another system this will only add to strengthen your understanding and will increase the amount of reiki you channel.

Classes are one on one and are spaced three to four weeks apart.
$75 a class, pay as you go.

Ogha​m Divination ​

The Ogham Alphabet is a fifteen-hundred-year-old magical and mysterious script, the Celtic equivalent of the Runes.  All twenty  tree letters are named after woodland trees, with each one having its own lessons and guidance.

  An  Ogham reading is less about fortune telling and more about a full holistic reflection into  your life.

60 min. $75

Elements Classes

I host group classes once a month at Tranquil Earth Yoga.

See website for scheduled events. teyoga.org